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    VoIP Media Gateways VoIP Hoot n' Holler Desk Stations Multi Channel USB Stations Essential Trading Systems Customer Support

    Welcome To Essential Trading Systems Corp.

    Located in Marlborough Connecticut, Essential Trading Systems Corp.  is a manufacturer of mission critical communication solutions for conferencing, Hoot n’ Holler, broadcast studios, VoIP, trade floor solutions and much more. Our solutions span a variety of communication platforms. We are a subject matter expert in Hoot n’ Holler Voice Communication (Analog and VoIP) as well as VoIP integration specialists with all turret manufacturers and LMR Systems.

     We Were First To:

        • Develop a SIP to Multicast Gateway
        • Develop a Multicast (G729 / G711) Hoot n’ Holler Desktop Microphone & Speaker Station
        • Develop a SIP Hoot n’ Holler Desktop Microphone & Speaker Station

    We offer nationwide and worldwide technical support and also a single source solution for our clients’ and your needs. We have the answers to your questions.

    General Inquiries Call 860-295-8100

    Sales: sales@essentialtel.com     Support: support@essentialtel.com